Custom Firehouse Furnishings

Custom Firehouse Furnishings: Firehouse Table, Dog House

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Firehouse Furnishings made by Wall Shields Co. is high-quality furniture that will last year after year and always look great. Our furniture is another great way to display your station's pride. Whether it is a new kitchen table, media center, firehouse dog house, riding assignment board, or any other type of item you are looking for we can make it. Here at Wall Shields Co., you are only limited by your imagination. We know that furniture in the firehouse gets abused and needs to stand up to tough conditions. That's why all our furniture is designed and built by firefighters, so that is lasts and keeps looking good for years to come.

As with our Wall Shields, once you let us know what you are looking for and give us some idea of the kind of style/design you are looking for, we render a drawing of what the finished product will look like and send that to you. From there, we make changes until it is exactly what you want. We can include your station or department patch or any other custom artwork you have. Any artwork that you send us needs to be in a high-resolution format so that it can be scaled correctly to the size needed for your project.


  • Dining Tables
  • Bar-Height Tables
  • Game Tables
  • Riding Assignment Board
  • Indoor Dog Houses
  • Weather-Tolerant, Outdoor Dog Houses
  • ...and More!

If you have any questions or need some assistance in designing your Firehouse Furnishing, look through our online gallery of past projects or send us an email or give us a call at (240) 832-9030, we are more then happy to help.