Picture Wall Shields

Our Wall Shields line features custom wall shields and picture wall shields that make a great addition to your department, home, or office. Because each design is custom, we can replicate your department's helmet shield, include station photos, or be something entirely of your own design.

More: Wall Shields | Samples: LVFC Picture Shield | GRVFD Picture Shield

Firehouse Furnishings

The Firehouse Furnishings line features high-quality, custom-made furniture, including: kitchen tables, media centers, firehouse dog houses, riding assignment boards, and much more. Showcase your department's pride with a functional and eye-catching custom furnishing.

More: Firehouse Furnishings | Samples: ACFD Table | HVFD Assignment Board

Wall Shields

Our Wall Shields line makes great retirement gifts and awards for your crew. Feature member photos, custom lettering, and numbering.

More: Wall Shields | Samples: ACFD Retirement Gift | AVFD Award

Custom Firehouse Dog House

Don't forget the dog! Reward your best friend with its own custom, indoor dog house, with or without kennel doors. Additionally, we can build fully functional outdoor, weather-tolerant dog houses.

More: Firehouse Furnishings | Sample: HVFD Dog House

Custom department wall shields and picture wall shields.
Sturdy, custom-made department tables, dog houses, and more.
Logo replicas, riding assignments, and more. You dream it, we build it.